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"Shark-Tooth" Tips

Show danger the teeth!

German engineering art at its best: The "Shark Tooth" tips not only look like shark teeth - they also grab them like that. Their grip is strong, no slipping on the material is possible anymore! The LUKAS "Shark-Tooth" Tips therefore offer invaluable help to lifesavers in all important rescue work: spreading, cutting and pulling at the highest level.

The trick behind the monster bite: German engineering. It is the ingenious design of the "Shark-Tooth" tips that enables their maximum performance: the 3-row arrangement of the shark teeth made of steel.

All rescue systems with the new Lukas "Shark Tooth" tips can be recognized by this sign:


  • irresistible grip thanks to the innovative 3-row arrangement of the steel teeth
  • You have the danger under control - shaking off impossible!
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