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SP 777 eWXT

HUGE POWER, WIDE SPREAD AND GREAT GRIP With the LUKAS SP 777 eWXT we like to speak in superlatives! The spreader for lifting, spreading, squeezing, peeling and pulling is the most powerful in its class. Its huge spreading path easily conquers any material. Thanks to the "Shark-Tooth-Tips" the grip is just right and slipping is no longer ...
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SP 555 eWXT

MASTERPIECE: LIGHT MIDDLE CLASS WITH LOTS OF POWER The LUKAS SP 555 eWXT is the light middle class with unlimited power. Lifting loads, spreading material and peeling and pulling is no problem because handling has been improved by reducing weight. Due to squeeze plates, which are directly integrated into both spreader arms, there is no ...
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SP 333 eWXT

SMALLEST GIANT IN THE COMPACT CLASS The LUKAS SP 333 eWXT is our lightweight in the spreader class. It is compact and therefore easy to use with almost the same force values. The SP 333 eWXT can also be used for lifting, spreading, squeezing, peeling and pulling, and it is particularly comfortable because it weighs much less and is ...
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SP 777 E2

THE NEW STANDARD IN THE MOBILE HIGH PERFORMANCE CLASS With the new battery-operated high-performance spreader SP 777 E2, we have achieved one of our most ambitious goals: to build battery-powered rescue devices that are not only lighter than their hose-bound predecessors, but can also cover almost all application scenarios. Without ...
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SP 555 E2

POWERFUL AND LIGHT: SETS THE STANDARD IN THE MOBILE ALLROUNDER CLASS Gives you time when every second counts: With the SP 555 E2 rescue spreader, real professionals simply do their job faster - and more successfully! There are strong reasons for this breathtaking performance: A sensational 16% weight reduction compared to its ...
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SP 333 E2

MORE POWER, LESS WEIGHT. THE NEW STANDARD IN THE MOBILE COMPACT CLASS This rescue spreader exceeds all expectations: With a 2.4 kg lower weight compared to its predecessor, it gains 13% power! No wonder it looks so good. An optimised high-performance rescue battery ensures that it doesn't run out of breath in those moments when it really ...
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SP 777

THE NEW STANDARD IN THE HIGH PERFORMANCE CLASS Our shooting stars SP 333 and SP 555 now have a big brother: the hose-bound high-performance spreader SP 777. Its breathtaking spreading force of up to 600 kN, a spreading width of fabulous 813 mm and relentless "Shark Tooth" tips make it the ultimate rescue spreader for vehicle accidents ...
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SP 555

POWERFUL AND LIGHT. SETS THE STANDARD IN THE ALLROUNDER CLASS The new champion of the all-rounder class: This life saver with a powerful bite offers real professionals more performance and more sense of achievement! With an enormously improved power-to-weight ratio, this compact all-rounder weighs only 16.2 kg - with 13% more power! The ...
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SP 333

MORE POWER, LESS WEIGHT. THE NEW STANDARD IN THE COMPACT CLASS It has the highest spreading force in its class and has gained 20% more force compared to its predecessor model. The SP 333 has been made 23% lighter than its predecessor, the SP 300, and even more attractive in design. Further advantages: the crushing plates firmly ...
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